MATSOL Webinars

About Our Webinars

MATSOL Webinars bring together educators of English Learners from across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; MATSOL members include teachers, administrators, and other educators in:

  • PK-12 schools (public, charter, independent)
  • Pre-service & in-service teacher education
  • Community College ESL programs
  • Intensive English Programs (IEPs)
  • Adult and workplace education
  • Private Language School

MATSOL encourages engaging, interactive presentations that make the theory to practice connection. Successful proposals include practical classroom activities informed by current research and pedagogy, demonstrations of successful instructional practices, examinations of current issues in education, and research that informs educators in the Massachusetts context. Webinars should engage the audience through interactive tools when possible. All webinars will be recorded and cataloged on MATSOL’s website as a resource to its members.

MATSOL webinars will be available for free to MATSOL members, and will be archived on this website.

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Call for Webinar Proposals

Whether you're an experienced webinar presenter or someone who would like to get their feet wet for the first time, we welcome you to submit a proposal on a subject matter you have expertise in. The Webinar Sub-Committee will review and offer suggestions to all, so don't be shy - your peers would love to hear from you!

Getting Started

Before anything else, please download these two documents:

Use the Guidelines and Information PDF to help you fill in the Worksheet. Please make sure the worksheet is complete and ready to be uploaded before you start the online form.
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The Webinar Sub-Committee

Leading MATSOL members to deeper learning and more meaningful resources.

What They Do

The Webinar Sub-Committee will focus on:

  • Reviewing and evaluating webinar proposals
  • Helping to oversee the direction of the webinar series
  • Giving input to presenters and members
  • Possibly presenting some webinars themselves
They will meet with presenters and staff once every three months, for one hour, to preview the presentation and give early feedback to the presenter. 


If you have any additional questions about webinars, proposals, or joining the sub-committee, please write to MATSOL's Program and Member Engagement Coordinator, Jason Fei, at [email protected].

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