Professional Development Points (PDPs)

MATSOL is an authorized PDP Provider in Massachusetts. As a service to our members, MATSOL offers a PDP option for professional learning activities in compliance with Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Recertification Guidelines for Massachusetts Educators.

PDPs for MATSOL Conferences

The Massachusetts recertification guidelines state that professional development points cannot be given strictly for attendance at a conference, or for professional development that is less than ten hours.  Therefore, MATSOL cannot award PDPs for simply attending a conference, institute, or workshop. Instead, MATSOL can provide a Certificate of Attendance. MATSOL does offer PDPs for multi-day conferences plus completion of a final project or implementation assignment. See Can I earn PDPs for attendance at a professional conference?

PDPs for Self-Designed PD

You may be able to secure authorization at the district level for a conference-based project for which your district issues the PDPs.  In some districts a Principal, Department Head, ESL Coordinator, etc., can approve a project and issue PDPs. Please contact the appropriate person in your district for information.  If you choose to pursue this option, may be required to submit a Certificate of Attendance issued by MATSOL. See Can I earn PDPs for professional development that I design myself?

For complete information on earning PDPs, see: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Frequently Asked Questions: Professional Development Point (PDPs) at