English Language Learners

For educators and administrators working with English learners.

MATSOL courses have been developed by expert educators, grounded in their experience teaching in Massachusetts schools, and informed by feedback from educators and school districts across the Commonwealth.

Introduction to English Language Development Standards in Massachusetts (EL-101)
  • Not offered at this time.
Supporting English Learners in Specialty Subjects & Support Services (EL-103)
  •  EL-103-FA-001: Nov 18 & Dec 2, 2017 (Burlington)

Early English Language Development for PK-K Teachers (EL-104)
  • Not offered at this time.
Academic Conversations in Classrooms with English Language Learners (EL-105)
  • Not offered at this time.
Academic English for English Learners in Math and Science (EL-106)
  • Not offered at this time.
Massachusetts Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Smart Card (EL-107)
  • EL-107-FA17-002: Jan 10, Jan 17 & Webinar Feb. 13, 2018 (Milford)

Extending the Learning courses have been developed by MATSOL, and reviewed and approved by the ESE Office of English Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement. Successful completion of these offerings will earn the participating educator PDPs for recertification. See the ESE website for details about this requirement.